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MP Cathy Hughes disturbed by Attorney General’s assertions about her

shot0003Member of Parliament Cathy Hughes said she was quite disturbed to read in last Sunday’s Kaieteur News that the Attorney General Anil Nandlall was referring to her as “the Public Relations Officer for Synergy.” The Attorney General called Mrs. Hughes an Executive member of Synergy and said that she was the one who disseminated  all the information about Fip Motilall’s suitability  for the Amaila Falls road project. Motilall is the one who was handed a US$15.4 Million dollar contract in the first place to build the road to Amaila Falls. It was later found out that Motilall never built a road and his US address was found to be a puja shop in Florida. Even so, the PPP/C Government defended Motilall, only to fire him at the start of last year and hire a string of contractors to finish the road.

Mrs. Hughes does not like the picture the Attorney General is painting of her, suggesting she too trumped up Motiall’s credentials. The Parliamentarian has sent a lawyer’s letter to Mr. Nandlall demanding he withdraw his assertions about her. Mrs. Hughes said she only interviewed Fip Motilall and that she was never employed by his company nor was she ever an executive of his company.

She said that for some time now the Attorney General has begun to believe the propaganda he disseminates on a daily basis and said he has clearly lost the ability  to distinguish between truth and  fiction.

Mrs. Hughes has been disputing the Attorney General’s assertion since last year, but she has now had reason again to reject the falsehood she said Mr. Nandlall is deliberately spreading.

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