Senior Petroleum Coordinator within the Ministry of Natural Resources Ministry, Gopnauth Gossai will lose fifteen days’ pay along with a warning letter for his unauthorized negotiations with ExxonMobil which resulted in the proposed reduction of US$214 million audited sum to US$3 million. This was disclosed in a written response to the Stabroek Newspaper.

The controversial audit covered ExxonMobil Guyana’s expenses for the period 1999-2017.

The Natural Resources Ministry said the disciplinary action is based on the outcome of an investigation which found that Gossai was involved in unauthorized engagements which resulted in the ministry being brought into opprobrium or disrepute.

The Ministry explained that a review of the facts emanating from the investigation confirmed that the discussions were never approved at any of the mandatory levels.

The Natural Resources Ministry said the disciplinary action of fifteen days’ loss of pay and a warning letter administered to Gossai are in keeping with the Public Service Rules for the offence of negligence.