Elder Statesman and former Commonwealth Secretary General Sir Shridath ‘Sonny” Ramphal wants to make sure that the limits of the talks in St Vincent and the Grenadines are understood. He added that CARICOM has been the most vocal and consistent supporter of Guyana with regards to the Guyana-Venezuela border controversy.

The former Foreign Minister of Guyana referred to the support the Heads of Government gave when they held an emergency meeting on 8 December 2023. They did not falter, Ramphal pointed out. CARICOM Heads repeated where they stood on the most critical aspects of the current situation.

It is in that context, and with perfect awareness that the Guyana-Venezuela matter is under
consideration by the ICJ and that the Court’s proceedings cannot be compromised, that
CARICOM Heads have called for an ‘appropriate’ dialogue between the leaders of Guyana
and Venezuela: to ensure ‘peaceful co-existence’, ‘the application and respect for international
law’ and ‘the avoidance of the use or threats of force’, Ramphal noted.

There was no call for any discussion on the Venezuelan controversy over the Essequibo region
of Guyana.

It is within those parameters that Guyana’s President responded positively to the Region’s
call for an ‘appropriate’ dialogue with Venezuela’s President, Ramphal observed, noting that Guyana has always urged Venezuela in the direction of peaceful coexistence.

Ramphal urged All Guyanese to bolster President Ali’s efforts in this regard. He ended his statement by saying “If President Maduro responds in like manner, CARICOM’s efforts will have the reward of
deference to not only regional but international norms of peace and security.”

The Talks are scheduled for Thursday December 14th in St. Vincent