An East Coast Demerara man is in police custody in the Regional Police Division of Region 10 after he was bust with 4 pounds of cocaine in a minibus which was heading to the capital city.

According to a statement released by the police the public transportation was heading from Lethem with eight passengers when it was ordered to stop by ranks stationed at the Bamia Highway Check point.

All the passengers including Delon Vanderstoop, twenty-seven years old and said to be a construction worker from the community of Strathspey, East Coast Demerara disembarked the minibus with their belongings.

During a search of the haversack he was carrying, ranks found a pink plastic bag containing two large whitish-rock-like substance. He was cautioned but remained silent. He was taken to the Mackenzie Police Station where he was told of the offence and the drugs weight amounted to 1,927.77 or the equivalent of 4.22 pounds. Vanderstoop was placed in custody as charges are pending.