The bodies of three children recovered from the Essequibo River on Saturday were
buried today. The children two siblings’ age 3 and 11 month old and a 12 year old cousin
were passengers in a boat which capsized when it collided with a rock in the river in the
vicinity of Piri Piri Village.
In the boat at the time of the tragedy were seven other persons apart from the children.
The children were identified as 3 year old Norsha Ayaw and her 11 month old brother
Newton and their 12 year old cousin, Linden Joseph.
Joseph, a student of Aishalton Secondary School was spending some time the family.
The boat which was captained by the children’s father- 27 year old Joseph Ayaw, was
transporting 72 sacks of cement, three drums of gasoline along the adults and children
when it capsized. They were headed to Masakenari Village from Parabara Village.
The adults including the parents of the two younger children managed to swim to shore
but the children drowned.
Their bodies according to statement released by the police were found floating in Piri
Piri, the same area where the boat went down.
The bodies which were buried in the community Masakenari Village, will be exhumed at
a later date.