United States Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, Democratic Leader in the House of
Representatives is among several persons expected to deliver remarks at a conference
Promoting Inclusive Governance And Economic Growth, Equal Justice, Social Equality
& Sustainable Development For All Guyanese In The Era Of Oil And Gas.” 
The conference scheduled for September 27-28 is organized by the Caribbean Guyanese
Institute for Democracy and the combined Guyanese diaspora.
The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy in a media release said Congressman
Jeffries will be delivering the key note address while a high-level Biden Administration
official is expected to be present.
This conference is convened amidst concerns by the Guyanese diaspora that US policy
on Guyana has not sufficiently promoted American values such as inclusive governance,
inclusive growth; equal justice; social equality and sustainable development for all
According to the Caribbean Institute for Democracy the conference is intended to bring
together Biden Administration officials, Members of Congress, Guyanese national and
diaspora leaders and other stakeholders, for a robust and comprehensive dialog to foster
a pragmatic US policy on Guyana that is aligned with American values and the
international democratic ethos.